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Wills & Estates

John Keating & Associates can give you an unbiased and objective opinion on how you should go about disposing of your estate. Consulting a lawyer ensures your will is properly drawn up and correctly signed and witnessed. Your lawyer can:

  • Ensure compliance with legal requirements so your will is properly drawn up, correctly signed and witnessed

  • Ensure beneficiaries are provided for, for example through the creation of a trust

  • Ensure your wishes are clearly expressed in the will and the will suits your situation and circumstances

  • Advise on whether a current or old will should be changed to reflect new circumstances

  • Advise on what circumstances your will could be contested

  • How you can prevent or reduce the chances of this occurring

  • Advise on whether you can make a claim from an estate and the likelihood of success

  • Pursue a claim on your behalf

  • Advise on the role of an administrator

  • Represent your interests in relation to any court matter

  • Advise executors on their obligations under a will and pursuant to the law

  • Advise on what happens where there is no executor

  • Provide advice where there appears to be an ambiguity in a will

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